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It always surprised people that why are so many women fanatically pursuing for Tiffany Diamond. There are thousands of diamonds in the world, why they are favor with Tiffany¡¯s? In fact, Tiffany diamond has been known to the world for its rare and expensive. Its unique sparkle makes women feel that they are enjoying the incomparable charm when they possessed Tiffany diamond. Though there are a mass of cheap Tiffany jewelry, discount Tiffany jewelry ads flooding in the network, searching for classic Tiffany is still the solid choice to Tiffany¡¯s followers.

In 1837, Charles Lewis Tiffany and John Young, funded a store of stationery and boutiques with the help of family and friends. After that, using his excellent business acumen in diamonds, Mr. Tiffany began to acquisition large number of diamonds from European aristocracy. He then created bases for these diamonds with his talent on jewelry inlaid. A group of unprecedented diamond jewelry captured the hearts of Americans soon, so the media started to extensive cover this jewelry Wizards, and dubbed Tiffany as the "King of Diamonds". Tiffany jewelry sale was booming from then on.

God always prefer the talented people, so in the 19th century, gave Mr. Tiffany another opportunity of career development. He acquired a yellow diamond from his Kimberley diamond mines in South Africa. Kimberley diamond mine was the largest handmade mining pit on legendary. It was 1,097 meters deep, but closed in 1914. It produced more than three tons diamonds before closing. Mr. Tiffany purchased this yellow diamond original stone was full of 287 karat.

In accordance with the ordinary people's ideas, this diamond must be retained weight as much as possible and the less cut, the better. However, at that time, Mr. Tiffany made a very surprising decision, in order to retain maximum brightness of this diamond, he decided to neglect the issue of weight.

With guidance of a famous Tiffany gemologist George, jewelry artisans utilized pincushion-cut and polishing that remained the diamond 128 karat, but had 82 cutting surfaces. This special cutting way made the diamond full of brilliant and also made this diamond having more 24 faces than Brilliant-cut. While this adds to the legendary gems brilliant and bright clean, after which she was named Tiffany Diamond.

To the same with Tiffany sterling silver, such as Tiffany silver earring, Tiffany silver necklace, Tiffany bracelet, Tiffany Diamond surely had been became the best testimony of true love to ten million pairs of lovers and timeless classics to Tiffany¡¯s followers.

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